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Deciding to divorce is one of the biggest decisions you make in your lifetime.  But this is not where the important decisions end.

If you are a parent, maintaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship with your child during this time is a priority. To do this you need to learn the child custody and visitation options that are available to you and your ex-spouse, and the legal standards applied to these different options.  Our San Francisco and San Mateo child custody lawyers thoroughly explain all of this to you point by point and attentively field any questions you may have.

What are the types of child custody?

Child custody is broken down into two key components — physical custody and legal custody. The set of parental responsibilities regarding the day-to-day care of the child as well as the rights to direct the child's daily activities is known as physical custody. The parent with whom the child primarily resides is said to have primary physical custody, with the other parent having visitation rights. If the child spends a fairly equal amount of time with both parents — which usually works best when the parents live in close proximity — the parents share joint physical custody. Legal custody denotes the rights and responsibilities associated with decisions regarding the child's upbringing, such as schooling, medical care and religion.

How are child custody and visitation determined?

The California courts encourage divorcing couples to ultimately create custody and visitation agreements on their own. In most cases, couples are able to do this civilly and even amicably. However, anger, fear, resentment and other motives can prevent this process from going smoothly, leaving innocent children in the midst of turmoil. The San Mateo child support lawyers at the Law Office of K.J. Petsas, PC tenaciously fight to make your child’s best interests heard.

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Serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area, the San Mateo child custody attorneys at the Law Office of K.J. Petsas, PC offer the experience and attentive counsel you need to successfully tackle difficult child custody and visitation rights issues.  We are conveniently located in South San Francisco and encourage you to give us a call at 650.273.4924 or contact us online to take advantage of our free initial consultation. We return calls within 12 hours.   

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